Day 1

The workbench

Learning objectives

  • Create R project with an specific and useful structure
  • Extend the use of RMarkdown files for reports and papers
  • Use LaTeX templates to customize reports


Create a new and tidy project.

Create a new RStudio project to perform an analysis. Use files with self-documenting names and put them into appropriate folders. Use here and relative paths to make the code portable.

This should be a simple project with just one RMarkdown file for report. It can be any project you’ve already have and want to make tidier or a new data analysis project. If you need inspiration, take the latest tidytuesday dataset. If you use something personal, make sure you are allowed to share it with others because the next step is to.

Share your project with the group.

Compress the whole folder into a zip file and upload it to the Slack. If the file is too heavy, upload it to a file sharing service (i.e. wetransfer) and send the link. Post it on the #day-1 channel with a short description of the dataset and analysis.

Try to reproduce someone else’s project.

Go the Slack and download someone else’s project and try to reproduce it. To try to make sure that everyone’s project is reproduced at least once, react with a sheep emoji (🐑) in the message corresponding to the project you are trying to reproduce and only try to reproduce projects with no sheep emojis.

After that, reply to the comment with some feedback. Were you able to reproduce the result? Was it easy? Would you have done anything different? Did you like the analysis?