Day 2

Sharing and Contributing

Learning objectives

  • How to share data.
  • How to manage data using code.
  • Using git to track your work.
  • Using git to collaborate with others.
  • How to set the documentation of your project.


Create a research compendium.

Turn the project you created on day 1 into a research compendium. Use rrtools to create the compendium skeleton, add a suitable licence, modify the DESCRIPTION file and add a README.Rmd. Put your custom functions in the R folder and document them. Create the analysis folder and put your RMarkdown file(s) there.

Use git to track changes. Create multiple commits, one for each important change (e.g. one commit creates the skeleton, another that adds the licence, un so forth) and use meaningful commit messages.

Share your compendium using GitHub

Create a GitHub repository for your compendium, push your local repository and share the link in the #day-2 Slack channel.

Clone someone else's repository

Same as in day 1, look for a message without a sheep emoji, add a sheep to the message, clone the repository and try to reproduce it. (Make sure is not the same project you reproduced before!)

After that, open an issue in the repository with some feedback and post the link to that issue in the Slack.